Bronnie’s has partnered with Everpure® to offer foodservice operators, facilities managers, and specialty coffee professionals trusted solutions for water filtration equipment and installation. Pentair Everpure’s expansive portfolio of technologies and products are designed to be right-sized to deliver the exact water quality spec needed to optimize peak equipment performance and deliver excellent product quality.


Coffee is 98.7% water and by using Pentair Everpure® water treatment solutions your drinks will taste better and be safer to drink. In addition, your coffee, tea, and ice equipment will be better protected from corrosion and scale buildup.

You can use premium products, but if your water is bad you will taste and smell it. Below are a few of the impacts chemicals, minerals, and dissolved solids may have on untreated water:

  • Chlorine can alter both aroma and taste. It oxidizes aromatics and oils, increases acidity, and creates byproducts that can cause an “earthy or moldy” tone to the flavor.

  • Total dissolved solids (TDS) can cause poor extraction of the coffee grounds. Under-extraction leads to weak and sour drinks, while over-extraction leads to bitterness.

  • High hardness causes excessive oils to be released, leaving an “oil slick” on the surface of the beverage.

If you are experiencing scaling or corrosion, your brewing equipment will require more maintenance, may break down or, over time, may fail altogether. Also, scale on elements can increase the energy required to run equipment by 40% or more.

Pentair Everpure® filtration solutions put you in control of your water recipe, and reduce scale damage and corrosion to brewing equipment for:

  • Consistent, premium water quality for better-tasting coffee and tea

  • Lower downtime, equipment maintenance and replacement costs

  • Energy cost savings

  • Satisfied customers and increased profits

We are Georgia's Everpure® distributor and though our main focus is on systems engineered to work in tandem with coffee equipment, we are able to special order any system from the foodservice catalogue. We supply Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Alabama.

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